Saturday, 16 December 2017

Organum ‎– "In Extremis" (L.A.Y.L.A.H. Antirecords ‎– LAY 19) 1985

Another plethora of scraping and squealing sounds, augmented by what sounds like an electric fan with something inserted between the rotating blades.
Top quality Non-Music from one of the originators of the genre, helped on side B by the Rupenus brothers, aka 'The New Blockaders', who add their own special brand of Nihilism as anti art to the already nihilistic mixture(they also frown on 'Anti-Art too by the way!).....and end up!? In fact even making non-music and releasing a record with a designed sleeve seems to go against their impossible standards somewhat, but there you go, nobody's perfect?


A1 In Extremis Pt. 1
A2 In Extremis Pt. 2
B Valley Of Worms

Friday, 15 December 2017

Organum ‎– Tower Of Silence (L.A.Y.L.A.H. Antirecords ‎– LAY 12) 1985

This is the sound i heard every Friday lunchtime at school,where the whole class would move their chairs and desks in the direction of the exit to make ready for the rush to get to the dinner hall first before sport in the afternoon.
If scraping chairs,nails scratching down a blackboard,and general metal on metal friction is your gig,this is highly recommended.


A1 Tower Of Silence Pt.1 2:21
A2 Tower Of Silence Pt.2 7:14
B1 Voice Of The Angel 3:49
B2 Incarnate 4:48

Thursday, 14 December 2017

The New Blockaders and Organum ‎– "Pulp" (Aeroplane ‎– AR 7) 1984

This is the single version of Organum's "Pulp/Icon" cassette, augmented by anti-anti-art noise merchants the 'New Blockaders';who add a spadeful of searing noise to the recipe.
One has to say, the 7" vinyl format seems suited to this brand of scraping heavy machinery.As intense and exciting this grinding racket is, three and a half minutes is just about enough to avoid boredom.......modern day attention spans huh?   

A Pulp Pt.1
B Pulp Pt.2

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Organum ‎– "Pulp / Icon" (Self-Released C-30) 1983

Whereas David Jackman appeared as 'himself' on his early cassette releases; around 1983 he became 'Organum' to become more anonymous ,if that was possible?
Dipping his toes further into the realms of non-musical droning noise, here's Organum's first release, featuring two near identical drones not unlike a spinning washing machine dueling with a taxi-ing prop driven aircraft.
Basically, don't expect a sing-a-long. 

A Pulp (15:38)
B Icon (15:10)

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Claire Thomas & Susan Vezey ‎– "Reprint" (Snatch Tapes ‎– tch 220) 1980

As much as we wish this DIY Avant-Industrial classic was by two young ladies called Susan and Claire; I hate to reveal the open secret that this was indeed by Mr. Snatch Tapes and Storm Bugs member, Philip Sanderson.
These were the two fictitious ladies we wish had joined the Human League instead of said group becoming the cast of 'Rita Sue and Bob too.... 2'.......but ,No! It was a clever attempt to disguise a solo project, and distance oneself from the 'cult' of personality that inevitably accompanies an artist stepping out of the shadows of pop mythology.
I mean just look at whats happened to The Residents? Everyone knows who they are, and were, in these sad ol' days.Even famed wall-scrawler 'Banksy' has been outed as a posh ex-public school boy called Robin Gunningham...nick name 'Robin Banks'(Geddit?); and most definitely NOT that boring bloke from Massive Attack.The 'real' facts are far less romantic than the myths.
Its become increasingly hard to do this in the modern information/disinformation age. So maybe new tactics are needed? Utilising the evil,and real wrecker of civilisation, Facebook(s) talent for 'Fake News' and 'Alternative Facts'. Which possibly means that this tape really IS by Claire Thomas and Susan knows the real 'Truth' about anything anymore! 


A Reprint 1 (12:18)
B Reprint 2 (11:50)

Storm Bugs ‎– "Table Matters" (Loop Records ‎– Loop 323) 1980

Snatch Tapes founder and frequent David Jackman collaborator, one Philip Sanderson, was, as if you didn't know, also in DIY Industrial duo 'Storm Bugs'. And to prove it here he is with Steven Ball,on their debut vinyl appearance on Loop Records, keeping Snatch Tapes purely cassette based.
Despite some Genesis P-isms in the vocals department, this is undoubtedly equal in 'old school' Industrial power as the best of our chums in Throbbing Gristle or Cabaret Voltaire; echoes of both can be heard here, mixed in with more than a pinch of Storm Bugs obvious avant-garde tendancies.
Its all chucked into the cake mix here, heavily effected vocals, found dialogue, repetitive tape loops,metal percussion, electronics and of course an overworked echo effects unit.


A1 Cash Wash 1:41
A2 Eat Good Beans 1:59
B1 Make Customers Matter 2:09
B2 Window Shopping 2:06
B3 Our Main Objective 4:44

Monday, 11 December 2017

David Jackman ‎– "Ritual" (Snatch Tapes ‎– tch 211) 1981

A lengthy C-7 release on Philip Sandersons legendary 'Snatch Tapes', by David Jackman, with some assistance by everyone's favourite DIY label owner.
For the need of a better word, this 'cassingle' was unlikely to trouble even the most obscure of charts with Snatch Tapes unlimited supply of 30.
Side A is like an ambient recording from the engine room of a small submarine of a small vessel passing on the surface above, accompanied by a swinging rope brushing randomly against an electric guitar.
Side B is the sound of that same small vessel grounding itself on a reef while the sub breaks apart in the depths.
A –David Jackman "Ritual" (3:29)
B –David Jackman & Philip Sanderson "Offshore" (3:28)

Sunday, 10 December 2017

David Jackman ‎– "Crest" (Aeroplane ‎– AR02) 1982

Four foreboding noise drones for the modern gentleman, as released on a very limited edition C-20 in 1982 by David Jackman on his own Aeroplane label.
These days everyone has a drone project going on; but back in 1982 this kind of stuff could get a Daily Mail reader foaming at the mouth like a rabid ferret, warning about such ill-informed hyperbole as 'the death of civilisation'. Those Brexit voting cretins would be missing the point, because this non-music is all about philistines like 'Daily Mail readers' in their role as the real killers of civilisation........again.....Twats! A cosy cardigan slippers and pipe type of passive evil that their kind are!


A1 Crest
A2 Ember Hollow
B1 Grass
B2 Dawn Plaza

Saturday, 9 December 2017

David Jackman ‎– "Up From Zero" (Aeroplane ‎– AR03) 1982

A Fine and willful purveyor of creeping sinister noise is ex-scratch orchestra and Snatch tapes stalwart David Jackman. In there right at the year zero of articulated scraping Noise. A single minded approach to making non-music,looking total obscurity in the face. 
If you like the sound of a distant container vessel breaking up in a calm sea and sliding to the bottom of a polluted and dead ocean along an immense blackboard? Then this is for you. Although there is something strangely comforting about this menacing symphony of crashing cars and drowning hulks of structurally compromised hulls.


Ways To The Sea
Up From Zero

Friday, 8 December 2017

Those Little Aliens & This Little Alien ‎– "Recordings 1980-1981" (Vinyl-on-demand)

Gordon A. Hope and Ian Dobson, aka 'Those Little Aliens', were also founder of experimental music fanzine 'Flowmotion'; which is probably why LTA were on the Flowmotion compilation on ICR.
Classic cassette bound lo-fi electronica from the UK DIY underground of 80/81.
Talking about Aliens....
As i wrote a rant about thick xenophobia eg Brexit, a few posts ago, I now hear that Brexit is basically OFF, as May crumbles over the Irish border.Now the borders remain open, and Britain gets to pay the EU loads of money for getting no representation in the EU Parliament in return.....what a deal, what a waste of fucking time!!!???...all due to Those Illegal Aliens!
In the meantime we'll listen to something that is absolutely NOT a waste of time.......yes 'Those Little Aliens', what else did you think I was referring to?.....The EU anthem? (Beethoven's Ironic 'Ode to Joy' if you didn't know.


01 Ismalia 3:03
02 Low Point X 2:45
03 Sentimental 1:57
04 Voortrecker 2:06
05 Incident In Moderan 2:26
06 4 To 4 Rumbling 4:55
07 Momente Über Statik 2:04
08 Aarg, Stop It 8:22
09 Metal Time Control 3:28
10 Out Of Sequence 2:42
11 Chattering Aliens 2:12
12 Stepping Backwards 5:23
13 Prarie Drifter 2:12
14 Your World 5:05
15 Dilemma 2:35
16 Debth Of Space 1:47
17 No Noise 4:57

01 from Various - Flowmotion
02 and 03 from Various - We Couldn't Agree On A Title
04 to 07 from Those Little Aliens - Incident In Moderan
08, 15, and 16 from This Little Alien - Synthesizer Specialist
09 to 14 from Those Little Aliens - Variable
17 from Those Little Aliens - York Tape

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Various ‎– "Flowmotion(An Album of Contemporary Electronic Music)" (ICR ‎– ICR 003) 1982

Well, as this compilation is over 35 years old, it can no longer claim to be an album of Contemporary anything, but it does have some electronic music on it ,by some of the bigger names of the UK's electronic underground of the early eighties. And I note that none of this lot have yet to retire.
A few of these tracks one would hesitate at calling them strictly 'Electronic'.Experimental pop with incidental electronics is good enough for Eyeless In Gaza,and Those Little Aliens hark back to the time when magnetic Tape manipulation was called 'Electronic' Music.I suppose anything made with machines that one plugs into the mains is technically 'Electronic' so there you are!?


A1 –Chris & Cosey-Devil God
A2 –Those Little Aliens-Ismalia
A3 –Eyeless In Gaza-Dusky Ruth
A4 –Eyeless In Gaza-Through Eastfields
A5 –David Jackman-Do The Dog
A6 –Ian Boddy-Follow
A7 –The Legendary Pink Dots-Hanging Gardens
B1 –Ian Boddy-Skylights
B2 –Paul Nagle-A Journey In The Dark
B3 –Carl Matthews-As Above, So Below
B4 –Colin Potter-Rooftops

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Various Artists ‎– "A Cage Went In Search Of A Bird (An International Compilation)" (Dark Star ‎– DS 1-2) 1985

A wide ranging compilation that included all the leading lights of the UK Electronic Underground.....aka a fancy way of saying 'Prog'......are collected on this c-90/c-60 double package.Compiled in 1985 by our chums from the Ultima Thule Record Shop in Leicester; whose own projects (Alto Stratus and Zircon etc) take up a hefty 20 minutes of tape time.....and why not?
A wide range of abstract experimentation is on display over these two and a half hours, ranging from Ambient electronics to mid range Industrial, to the madness of DDAA,categorised in the 'Other' category on iTunes.

White Side
A1 –Paul Nagle-Skrying 8:45
A2 –Peter Frohmader-Pharaonische Grabkammar 9:10
A3 –Colin Potter-Potters Wheel 6:14
A4 –Region 5-In The Cage Of Crystal Moonlight 5:43
A5 –Conrad Schnitzler- 1·11·84 7:02
A6 –Adhara Alucian Landscape 6:58
Yellow Side
B1 –Ken Moore In The Field With Flowers & A Toilet 5:47
B2 –Kevin O'Neill The Claws That Catch 5:39
B3 –Peter Frohmader Sepulchral Choirs 11:28
B4 –Alto Stratus The Captive 14:56
B5 –Paul Kelday Timelord 5:06
Grey Side
C1 –Günter Schickert Powolerman/Suleika 8:53
C2 –Land Of Yrx Merman Ikon Bee 7:07
C3 –Bourbonese Qualk-Blackout 3:02
C4 –New 7th Music-Tlazolteotl 5:03
C5 –Hartmann-Forget The Past 3:08
Blue Side
D1 –R N Andrews- Humphrey's Final Words 2:06
D2 –Aussenminister-City Wolf 4:29
D3 –Zircon & The Burning Brains-Imaginé 5:16
D4 –Input- Heavy Street 4:19
D5 –David Gate-Nothing Isn't Everything 3:39
D6 –Rollkomanndo-Nude Picture 2:11
D7 –DDAA-Une Etude De Sonorisation Par Le Sol 4:50

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Paul Kelday ‎– "Expedition To The Barren Reaches Of The Mind" (DTW ‎– DTW 011) 1986

Come on this disturbing journey into the very,very, Barren regions of a Trump supporter or a Brexit leave voter's malfunctioning Brain.
See the naked racism and or Xenophobia, slooshing around with casual misogyny and outwardly mobile bigotry.
As for environmental issues, side B sums up very nicely what these intellectual minnows would like to do to any idea that could possibly help make the future more survivable for our children.Short-termism and political myopia reign supreme, while these largely decrepit old fogies slowly fuck up the lives of the young.
As immigration falls sharply in pre-Brexit Britain , leaving thousands of job vacancies unfilled; we have yet to see these proud 'little englanders' queuing up to take these mythical jobs that have been stolen by those dirty filthy Eastern European hordes . Mostly they(Leave voters,not eastern europeans!) are too fat, lazy, or old; missing their appointments at the job centre because their mobility scooters are on charge.

"Referendums are a device for Dictators and Demagogues"(Margaret Thatcher!(1975)...Nice one Maggie!

It all might have been different if the €60 Billion euro divorce bill had been put on the side of a bus sum up.....Twats!
In fact this tape has far too much of interest on it to accurately represent the echoing emptiness in the mind of a Trump era brexshiteer; it should in fact just be the natural hiss of analog tape, like self cleaning urinals hissing their dissapproval.
Luckily the mind Paul is exploring here isn't the mind of one of these despicable morons, its the mind of an average human being from the minority rather than the moronic majority. So there are lots of interesting abstract electronic  sorties into the regions of the brain that are rarely stimulated.

DOWNLOAD to fill those barren regions of your mind HERE!

Monday, 4 December 2017

Paul Kelday ‎– "Beyond The Perimeters" (Self-Released) 1983

Paul Kelday was releasing self released cassettes of abstract electronica as early as 1974.Even using the much vaunted send a blank tape and a stamped addressed envelope system that was so fashionable at the height of the UK DIY era from 79-81.
This C-60 is still in his trademark BBC Radiophonic Workshop stylee, but also hints at a kinship with the Industrial scene. Probably one of his more listenable works full of wild analogue electronics.
If he was somewhere fashionable he'd probably be lauded as an avant-garde compostion genius, but, seemingly without any ego whatsoever, he remained in the shadows. Eventually,by the end of the eighties, he disappeared from the music scene altogether.Preferring a quiet life with his partner without Internet or Telephone, or Musical instruments. He stopped, and by Jiminy he meant it...very noble.

DOWNLOAD from beyond the perimeters of normal HERE!

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Paul Kelday ‎– "Eschatus" (Integrated Circuit Records) 1982

More electronic noises from downtown Bognor Regis that sound, variously, like amplified dentist drills and braking subway trains fed through a plethora of tape echos and plate reverbs units.
The bastard child of Bebe and Louis Barron ('Forbidden Planet') and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

DOWNLOAD kelday today HERE!

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Paul Kelday ‎– "The Plane Of The Inner-Between" (WMT ‎– WORK 015) 1981

Does he mean 'Plain' or 'Plane'?
Anyway, Paul Kelday had been farting around with his electronic devices, literally making 'Farting' noises, since around 1974. So this gives him the right to be the 'Daddy' of the DIY UK Electronic Underground. The Grandaddy being 'Trevor Wishart' of course.
This is as far away from 'The Berlin School' sound one could possibly wish for, and has more in common with the abstract electronics of Asmus Tietchens, and The BBC Radiophonic Workshop than Edgar Froese.
Lots of funny electronic noises,tape loops,found sounds and echo effects, rather than repetitive hypnotic melody lines, were the order of the day for Paul.Either because he was incapable of playing a synth's keyboard,if he had one, or it was a conscious decision. Either way this would make a good soundtrack for a 'Forbidden Planet' remake.


A1 The Plane Of The Inner-Between
B1 Black Stream
B2 N.C.C. - 1701
B3 Event Horizon

Friday, 1 December 2017

Ian Boddy ‎– "Options" (Mirage ‎– M607) 1982

'Ian Boddy,composer, sound designer, DiN ambient music label owner & analogue synth aficionado', as it says on his official website; was another member of the British renaissance in electronic music in the 'Berlin School' style as made chart bound by german longhairs, Tangerine Dream.
Most of us would label this as'Ambient/New Age' these days, but its more than that.Especially when the sequencers get going.It has its repetitive synth lines that hit a chord in one's mind and body,and largely leaves the soft synth pads to the background.
I think one of the worst electronic inventions/innovations was the 'Polyphonic Synthesiser', especially when they got cheap.Up there with digital synthesis for awfulness.If music tech only stopped still at Monophonic keyboards that sounded like synthesisers, and drum machines that sounded like drum machines everything would be rosy in the electronic garden.
The temptation for Polyphony enthusiasts was to make terrible 'string section' backings for the otherwise excellent Lead synth lines; removing all breathing space in a recording by drowning it in emulated choirs and other orchestral pretentions.As annoying electronic sounds go, its up there with the Fairlight Orchestral Stab,and the DX7 Brass sound.
Non-Rick Wakeman Polyphonic keyboardists, also had a tendency to just rest their fingers on the plastic ebony and ivory keys and wiggle them about randomly,fed through a reverb unit and echo box, as if they knew what they were doing,which they patently didn't.
"Too many notes spoileth the broth", as the old adage goes; especially if you don't know what notes you're playing.
If you're ok with lush synth pads drowning out the good bits, then this is for you.  


A1 Corridors 4:43
A2 Karina 3:32
A3 Water On Stone 2:40
A4 Into View 3:18
A5 Skylights 4:05
A6 Silhouette 3:31
A7 Follow 2:58
A8 End Sequence 1:54
B1 Till Quiet Descends (Live 07/11/1981) 13:55
B2 21 Degrees 14:05 (Live 07/11/1981

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Rieg ‎– "Music For Wind" (Mirage ‎/ Agitasjon ‎) 1980

Norwegian Bloke (Geir Låstad) in bedroom with synthesiser makes music about the weather......what else would you expect? One has to do something, apart from commit suicide, in those endless dark winter days.
Yep lots of 'white noise' is utilised to make fake wind effects, y'know, the first thing everyone did when they unpacked their new synthesiser......Hey Mom! Listen to this!
Later, we sampled burps into our new samplers and did the same thing; except this time it was for our very unimpressed girlfriends.......although it was very rare for a male into electronic music to actually have a girlfriend.Then when they did eventually find a partner, the synth went into the bin briefly until they were inevitably also 'binned off'for being boring, then came the come-back CD-r.
Geir also disappeared after 1980 only to mysteriously return in 2008 with a....uh-hum(clears throat)....comeback CD-r!.....Is it possible he got a girlfriend in 1981, then when he was divorced by 2008, vented his male menopause by retreating to his misspent youth in the bedroom and his youthful first love?....I think so.
If you hadn't noticed 'Rieg' is Geir spelt backwards.....clever eh?

DOWNLOAD and release some trapped wind HERE!

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Mark Shreeve ‎– "Firemusic" (Agitasjon ‎– AGI 004) 1981

One of my favourite Jazz albums is Archie Shepp's "Fire Music".....ain't I sofisticated (sic)???......which positively bristles with channeled energy(fire) among the abused sax noises, but it does have its smooth bubbly moments,Like the whole of this cassette.
Mark 'Big in Norway' Shreeve's version of "Firemusic" seems to be a much more pleasant evening in front of a log burner than the controlled Napalm of Shepp's wailing horn. Its a soundtrack to witnessing something burning rather than using the energy of the fire in the creative process.Then extinguishing it with gallons of analogue foam.
This limited edition cassette for a Norwegian fanzine label is,for me, Mark's best album. It could easily fit into Tangerine Dreams' back catalogue from the classic period of 73-76.Plenty of gorgeous, warm analogue synth sounds, and hypnotic spacious melodies that could make burning to death a pleasurable experience.  


A1 Blitz 8:47
A2 Firestorm 9:05
A3 Fireball 8:45
B1 Black Candles 3:45
B2 Firepower 16:37
B3 Heatwave 7:40

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Mark Shreeve ‎– "Thoughts Of War" (Uniton Records ‎– Uniton 001) 1981

Mark even had vinyl out in 1981, courtesy of a Norwegian label, as you do.

Here, our Mark ruminates on the sticky subject of 'War'.Pretty nasty stuff is 'War'......lots of killing, mass executions, maimed children, Genocide, its no fun at all......or so I was led to believe.
Listening to Mr Shreeves' 'Thoughts' on the subject one would be inclined to think that these unwelcome violent episodes were quite relaxing, floaty escapades.As if mass destruction was an open gateway to paradise. 
This is a concept of 'war' more akin to that imagined by those stone-age morons in the Islamic State.Of course to get round the fact that it is written in their holy book that they should not kill,they call themselves 'Martyrs'rather than muderers.A fast track to the side of God,and rewarded with, and I quote, "A Sensual Paradise". This consists of being wed to 72(?!) 'perpetual Virgins' called the 'Houri'......women, of course, don't get 72 musculus blokes in paradise, only one,"...and they will be satisfied with him"!!!!???....Have you ever heard such a pile of misogynistic neanderthal bullshit in your life before......well, yes if you're a devout Muslim.......I could go on, but might risk some kind of Fatwa from some suicide-bearded nutjob modern caveman in Birmingham.
I digress.
As pictured on the rear of the Shreeve sleeve, one will notice that Mark could have easily been pictured in 1971 rather than 1981, but his beard is absolutely NOT that of a radical Muslim; so his vision of War is probably not that perverted skidmark of anti-intellectualism that is radical Islam......don't worry the American Taliban are just as fucking bad to balance it up.
These 'Thoughts' on War ironically, or maybe purposefully turn out to be great stuff for Meditations for Peace.Like those Buddhist chaps wait.....isn't it those Buddhist chaps who are currently performing Genocide on the Rohingya (muslims) people in Myanmar? And wasn't it Buddhists who invented Suicide Bombing in WW2?.....the kamikaze.
So no-one is innocent is the conclusion to this digression.
But Mark Shreeve is innocent of taking the obvious route in this beautifully warm analogue, Berlin School of Electronics style, portrayal of War......this record is really 'Thoughts On Peace', and who could possibly disagree with that?.......yeah yeah I know, there's a huge list, topped by our chums from the three main monotheistic religions.
Good album by the way, even if a conceptually vague one.


Thoughts Of War - Part One (15:15)
A1.1 Escalation
A1.2 Cold Emotion
A2 Nightmare Of Reality 14:25
B1 Dream Sequence 11:01
Thoughts Of War - Part Two (18:41)
B2.1 Funeral In Desolation
B2.2 Remembrance
B2.3 "...Ashes To Dust..."

Monday, 27 November 2017

Mark Shreeve ‎– "Phantom" (Mirage) 1980

Seems 1980 was a prolific year for Mark Shreeve, a year we've already established was the high point of this modern renaissance for art and music that some of us were privileged to have lived through.
It's all finished now of course, with the stragglers having to reinvent the wheel again and again, like landscape painters have had to do for the last 500 years or so; that's the future we have to look towards......the same things but done again,masquerading  as something new.
I suppose this rehashing trend started in the seventies, with stuff like 'the Mod Revival' and the resurrection of 'Ska'.
The UK electronic underground of the early eighties was basically a revival of the German Kosmiche music of the early Seventies, repackaged as DIY Electronica, and set in small town provincial England......well no-one else was doing it were they.Very unfashionable in 1980, so if you wanted to hear music like this then you jolly well had to go and 'Do It Yourself', as the Post Punk manifesto would have stated if it had ever existed.
So, here we get a tape of Electronic Space Symphonies recorded in a bedroom in such an exotic location as the dying English seaside resort of Great Yarmouth rather than West Berlin. 
It wasn't always like this for Mark however. He did get to work with a member of Tangerine Dream later on, his obvious inspiration. And, less impressive, infact downright criminal, he wrote several hit tunes for page three bimbo Samantha Fox in the mid-eighties!.....I assume those tunes weren't exploratory electronic odysseys like those on 'Phantom'.....would have been fun though to have Sam vocalising to something like this instead of whatever crud she inflicted upon our innocent discotheques?  

DOWNLOAD this phantom to your machine HERE!

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Mark Shreeve ‎– "Ursa Major" (Mirage) 1980

The constellation Ursa Major, aka The Great Bear, containing, as the tail section of the Bear, a familiar pattern of stars commonly known in the USA as 'The Big Dipper', in France as 'Le Casserole' and in the UK, as 'The Plough'.
Thankfully this Cassette only has one title, but its contents are a bubbling 'casserole' of electronic star stuff that ploughs through your sub-consciousness until your thirst has been quenched without double dipping in the well of the Berlin school of synth twiddling.
That's about all I can think of to say without referring directly to the music too much, like modern music reviewers seem to do a lot????.Think, Tangerine Dream as Ursa Major, and Mark Shreeve as Ursa Minor......the poor chap only had one synthesiser, as opposed to about ten thousand under the auspices of TD,yet there's almost no difference in the finished product except for the budget;theirs was massive and Mark's was zero.......they did have better haircuts though.

DOWNLOAD the great bear(d) HERE!

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Mark Shreeve ‎– "Embryo" (Mirage) 1980

They came with Beards,with bunches of unkempt long hair tied back in unsightly pony-tails, and carried keyboards as their i'm not talking about the Viking Invasion of Northern England!? The Vikings had weaponry at least equal in lethal effect as a Korg Monopoly or Moog Prodigy, but these later invaders were better known as The UK Electronic Underground. An unsubscribed terrorist organisation from the late seventies and early eighties.
Just as those naughty Punk Rockers thought we were free forever from a Klaus Schulz hypnotic sequencer driven electronic symphony, or a Tangerine Dream Live album.There appeared, bubbling below the surface, in the very 'Punky' world of DIY Cassette culture, grew a rebellious,or more accurately,Oblivious,infiltration of unrepentant progressive music fans with a spare few quid to spend on the latest polyphonic synthesisers.
One of these bearded invaders was none other than Mark Shreeve,who spread fear throughout the post-punk legions with his hypnotic keyboard sequences,effected electronic dream-scapes,and meandering melodies.Wielding his Prophet 5 like a sword in the hands of a disenchanted east-London born benefit cheat in Islamic State, with a captured Saudi-Arabian Fighter Pilot kneeling in an orange boiler-suit before him.
I exaggerate of had the slightest clue this stuff existed in 1980.They were all too busy moonstomping in that bloody awful Two-Tone cult, where everyone dressed like they were in the Specials and had 'Fun' forced down their throats like geese at christmas......Skin'ead Fois Gras anyone? thanks!
That stuff makes Mark Shreeve, music and image, look like real rebellion against any kind of Status Quo,new or old (not the band of course!, R.I.P. Rick Parfitt 😭).

A1 The Keeper
A2 Alive!
B1 Embryo
B2 Iceflakes

Colin Potter ‎– "See" (ICR ‎– ICR 028) 1990

A journey into ambient drone territory for the wizard of DIY underground electronica, Colin Potter; long before Harry Potter became the most famous Potter, overtaking Beatrix quite comfortably.
ICR(or Integrated Circuit Records) was probably the 'Hogwarts' of experimental keyboard-ism for the whole of the 80's, and C.Potter was its Dumbledore.
Here , Dumbledore goes Drone, before it became fashionable for every Wire magazine reader to have an experimental Drone project on the go. It's a genre that should be attempted once,preferably by one person only, never to be repeated and I'm quite comfortable with that 'one person' to be Colin Potter.
A 'Drone' album can be written produced and played in real time in one take without any musical expertise required whatsoever,and is basically not really for listening to.Its a kind of aural water to fill up your flotation tank to the brim, to assist you to cut yourself off from this cruel world and confront your inner id without influence from the ego.
I don't sense that Colin has any ego whatsoever,and as one of the instigators of the DIY movement and cassette culture he deserves massive respect;but I can't say I've listened to anything he's done since this outing in 1990, which I'm shocked to find out was 27 years ago!!!!....or is that 27 years ego?

Check out his series of classic cassette releases HERE!


1-A Drift (23:57)
2-Tide (23:36)
3-Untitled (15:50)

DOWNLOAD from user platform 9 and 3/4 HERE!

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Carl Matthews ‎– "Call For World Saviours" (Mirage ‎– M 412) 1984

You could be forgiven for mistaking this for Testcard Music, or Library Music, or prime Das Kosmiche period Krautrock? One could go on, but this cassette could be all things to a lot of music minorities the world over , maybe even the musical saviour that the title so boldly is calling out for?.....The word 'Saviour', as is the case with 'Genius' is a word too often bandied about , and neither apply here. Its merely a good ambient/proto new age electronic record, which falls well short of that other over-reaching category 'the Masterpiece''s; but needless to say, in my humble opinion Carl Matthews' best release?
Which 'World Saviours' he is calling out for I'd hate to guess.
If the suggestion is a second coming scenario,I would be less inclined to even post it on here at all! Leave that to religious nutjobs and conspiracy theorists; who are in fact new-age religious nutjobs. 
'Project Blue Beam' is a particular conspiracy theory that the so-called 'Truthers' like to drop in any casual conversation about the fact don't get onto the subject of 'Weather' with a 'Truther', you'll be stuck all day with monologues about HAARP , 'Chemtrails' and using weather control as a weapon.
'Project Blue Beam' is the very made-up paranoid vision that NASA and the CIA are planning to fake a second coming of Christ to help create a unified and very controlled Christian Bloc(cue track 6, "Harmony Through Conflict"), to frighten the blue fuck out of rival religions, and those goddamn Athiests too!
If there's ever a soundtrack required for the 'Blue Beam' project then I would recommend this cassette to be played as the Hologram of 'your personal saviour' Jesus H. Christ, appears in the sky above your poxy little town. Watch him descend to perform miracles to track three ("Young Disciple"), and hear him preach world peace on the 'Grassy Knoll' in Dallas,accompanied by track four ("Sacred Word"), to a thronging mass of whooping Cowboys and Rednecks foaming with spittle, ready to Kiiiiiill fer Jeeeeesus.
This could easily be subverted into a warmly welcomed suicide cult by some snidey reprogramming of the software courtesy of any enlightened individual with half a brain cell. The whole of middle America, and below the mason-dixon line would be a mass grave, hopefully taking the dumber parts of both US coasts along with the fuckers.If Trump survives, his support base will have disappeared, and we can all live in real peace.....peace from Stupidity.
So maybe there could be a world saviour after all?......all Hail Human Stupidity!Amen?


A1 Be Like A Child 3:30
A2 Blessing 3:00
A3 Young Disciple 6:00
A4 Sacred Word 5:00
A5 City Hearts 4:00
B1 Harmony Through Conflict 5:30
B2 Harmony 2:00
B3 Burning Ground 4:00
B4 Approach 8:00
B5 Call For World Saviours 2:00

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Carl Matthews ‎– "Iridescence" (Mirage ‎– M609) 1983

Another cassette of proggy space synth hypnotic meanderings from the Edger Froese of Cumbria, Mr Carl Matthews.
More of the same electronic background music to accompany a video of a deep space probe scooping up space dust for analysis.
My Analysis is that this is very good for navel gazing in the bath surrounded by scented candles.
A pastime I can't indulge in because I only have two en-suite showers, and no bath, at my gaff, so I just play at being Voyager 3 in my mind, (yes, I have a mind and I know there were only two voyager probes!!!?).
As Voyager one had a golden record bolted to its side showcasing the 'sounds of Earth' as selected by the great Carl Sagan and chums back in 1977, maybe my imaginary Voyager 3 could have some golden cassettes stapled to it's hull? 
I'm sorry to say that Carl Matthews, good as he is, would not probably make the final cut. I'd obviously select Danny and the Dressmakers "39 Golden Grates", Solid Spaces' "Space Museum" and 5XOD's "Dada Computer" tapes as my suggestions. At least if a malevolent Alien race would discover the probe, and by some miracle have a vintage cassette deck available in the junk shops on their planet.They could listen to these tapes and would be profoundly 'put off' the idea of invading Earth to steal 'our women', as the Martians often did in the fifties. Some women to this day still insist they have been abducted and fondled by randy space aliens. One listen to Danny and The Dressmakers and Earth's women would be more than safe from any Groping Greys with ungentlemanly urges. Earth women are in far more danger from the indigenous aliens of our own planet......we call them 'Men'. Those dirty little bleeders with their barely under control sexual urges'n'all! The leader of whom is a creature who looks like Jabba the Hutt in an ill fitting business suit, sometimes described as resembling a chewed piece of gum rolled in cat hair.....yes.....Harvey Wankstain himself. Beam him up Scottie!


Side 1
A1 Give Love
A2 Trinity
A3 Day Of Forgiveness
A4 Silent Watcher
Side 2
B1 Elemental Moon
B2 Nexus
B3 Iridescence

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Carl Matthews ‎– "East/West" (Mirage M606) 1982

Another mixture of Berlin School, via Cumbia, synth noodlings, ambient, proto-New Age introspection and minimal analogue repetition from my new favourite of the UK Electronic Underground of the early 80's.
I was always familiar with the other chief protagonists in the seedy underpants of the prog dissenters in post-punk Britain, like Dave Jones,Rick Crane George Garside and the ICR crowd; but only recently have I indulged my ears with the swirling beauty of Carl Matthews' obscure canon.
Dull John Q. Public name aside, it's without doubt music for flotation tanks and astral travelling from the comfort of an armchair, but it does have more meat than most new-age or ambient musics. Something to grasp onto outside of your personal sensory deprivation chamber. All, naturally, full of gorgeous analoginous (made up word?) guano regurgitated by Doves and spread on toast made from ethically recycled cassette tape........Christ! I've spent far too long in that Flotation Tank again!


A1 Lamb And Lion 8:10
A2 Cause And Effect 11:10
A3 Bridge 5:00
A4 Gura Ma 5:30
B1 East/West 11:40
B2 Aeon 4:30
B3 Cities Of Shan 5:30
B4 Motion 6:10
B5 Nomad 1:10

Monday, 20 November 2017

Carl Matthews ‎– "Aksu" (Mirage ‎– M601) 1980

Another mid-twenties space progger who was apparently completely oblivious to the musical revolution happening around him, and carried on playing at being Tangerine Dream into the 80's and beyond. This mini space-synth revival around 1980-4 consisted  wholly of chaps with beards too old for punk ,too young for hippy, with very bland names, living in the most unfashionable rural arseholes of England. Carl Matthews did his astral travelling in darkest Cumbria, a part of England famed for its national parks and Nuclear reprocessing plants; a strange juxtaposition between nature and anti-nature.
Why Carl didn't give himself a cosmic name, like this album title perhaps,I dunno? If he had called himself 'Aksu' and the album was called 'Carl Matthews' my perspective on this tape would have been enhanced. Now all I see is a long haired bloke shut in a bedroom with stacks of expensive synths that he'd saved all his spending money for.Maybe even still living at his mum and dad's place.(Nothing wrong with that of course,it's cheaper, can buy more gear!....that's what I did anyway!)
The music is in fact a rather good modernised take on the Berlin School of keyboard twiddling, and sounds rather gorgeous. Lovely phat analogue warmth, filled with repetitive alien melodies , and less aimless keyboard fingering than is normally heard in this micro-genre.
Unsurprisingly, Carl works mainly in soundtrack production these it says on his Soundcloud page, he describes himself, modestly, as: "An old guy who likes making sounds for Library/Production companies."

A1 Azzama 3:06
A2 Encounter 6:52
A3 Aksu I 3:12
A4 Unoverse 0:27
A5 Voyager 3 2:10
A6 Aksu II 2:36
A7 Peace Within Chaos 5:16
A8 Look In To Find Out 4:02
B1 Lünaland 14:47
B2 Release 4:15
B3 Aksu III 4:06
B4 Atomic Rage 5:24

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Rick Crane ‎– "Fuji" (ICR ‎– ICR 15) 1983

Rick Crane's second cassette on ICR is the usual pleasant melodic electronica in the DIY Berlin School style as championed by Dave Jones, Carl Matthews and the like.
Its the kind of proto-new age music that is perfect for your landscape video's, or as background music in a Florists.
 Gentle, inoffensive stuff......if that sounds like an insult it's unintentional. There's definitely a talent to making  minimal melodic electronic music for ignoring.


A1 Rising Eastwards
A2 Fuji:Pillowbook Of Dreams
A3 Moondrawn
A4 Inner Struggle
B1 Fisher Of Souls
B2 Of Robots, Men And Zen
B3 The Shrine Of Harai

Friday, 17 November 2017

Dave Jones ‎– "Tansel" (Self-Released Cassette) 1984

One was never safe living in a quiet backwater like Mid-Glamorgen(Wales) back in the early eighties,for you may never know it, there maybe some loner living next door with racks of synthesisers making electronic symphonies for movies that would never be made. Its far worse nowadays, where anyone from a gestating zygote to your mates' granny can make their equivalent of "Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds" on their laptop.
This was once thought to be a good thing, but in the modern era, where everyone who has an 'Album' out.....including me!.....has turned this once noble venture towards self-empowerment, into a dense soup of meaningless treacle.
Like X-Factor has Destroyed the 'Singer' as something to be enjoyed rather than endured, so Bandcamp and Soundcloud has destroyed the aura of homemade music through the shear volume of stuff clogging up the communication cables of at least a thousand class 'M' planets.
Oh look, another Band......this guy makes all his own music y'know.....yawn!......hey listen to this 'Industrial Harsh Noise Project' I found on thanks, I've got to go and stand in the corner for a while!?
This is Dave Jones' final release as far I know....or care....and its approaching the dreaded era where we all dumped our analogue stuff for FM Digital, and tried to make realistic Trumpet sounds rather than actually playing a real Trumpet.
This may be the reason Dave disappeared into the welsh valleys to escape this binary crime against culture.Only recently have the War Crimes Tribunal in the Hague put 'Crimes Against Culture' on their statute book, which bring Yamaha and Fairlight into danger of being put on trial, and maybe some of the musicians who used this stuff up for 'Crimes against Humanity'; Paul 'N....n.....n....Nineteen' Harcastle being one of them.The whereabouts of Mr Hardcastle are now unknown.Apparently, there's a rumour that he is in hiding posing as a factory worker in darkest Argentina.
As for 'Tansel', i detect very little digital synthesis,and is reassuringly analogue; although a lot of it does sound like background music for an old skool computer game....which can be a good thing,if you're that way inclined.Personally I prefer it on the commodore C64 or Spectrum ZX, where it can stay. The C64 SID chip has yet to be bettered in my humble computer game-phobe opinion.
Maybe that's what happened to Dave Jones,and he's still churning out inoffensive electronic music for the Playstations and X-Boxes of the modern 'Lost Generation'....that is after-all their eqivalent of Rock'n'Roll one supposes with a dismissive snort? The kind of 'snort' we Generation X'ers had to endure when our Glenn Miller fan parents heard Sham 69 spinning on the teak veneered music centre. 


A1 The Sprite
A2 Sprites Dance
A3 Fairy Go Round
A4 The Trek
A5 Water Laugh
A6 China Lock
A7 No Harm Done
A8 Who Did What
B1 D.S. Blues
B2 'I' Infection
B3 Kirk Revisited
B4 Tansel The Broadcast

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Dave Jones ‎– "Second Attempt" (ICR ‎– ICR007) 1982

Not everyone took the Kraftwerk approach to the synthesiser you know? A plethora of medium length thinning haired bedroom nerds wanted to be Tangerine Dream.Which was now possible by 1980, as the price and size of the necessary equipment was rapidly reducing,and within range of your average 26 year old kosmiche musick fans and their warehouse job wage packets.
This stuff was far easier to make than it was for The Human League to produce 'Being Boiled'; a meandering structure using 'too many notes' rather than  using a carefully selected three note boot to the crotch.
Colin Potters Integrated Circuit Records was the natural home for this new wave of meandering fingers and knob twiddling.If Post Punk was the rebirth of Prog, this stuff displayed the grim reality that original prog had never really gone away, and Ironic that the DIY approach of Punk provided the very music that the 'punks' professed to despise with a vehicle for further existence.
This new lot of Klaus Schulz's never had the same interesting names as their Germanic forebears either.Rick Crane,Carl Matthews, George Garside, and Dave Jones, didn't have the same exotic allure of an Edgar Froese or a Dieter Moebius;but the music was a lo-fi and utterly homemade replication of those Krautrock legends.
So here's Dave Jones' second cassette release from 1982,and could easily have been used in Blade Runner or Chariots of Fire instead of Vangelis......again, it was the name that did for it.Who are you gonna choose, Vangelis or Jones?

A1 Black Mikado
A2 The Jade Temple
A3 Ro
A4 Necropolis
B1 Oh Prodigy
B2 G.F.I.
B3 Voyager
B4 Excerpt
B5 End Play

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Tone Set ‎– "Cal's Ranch" (Zia Records ‎) 1982

Synth Punk from cowpoke country in Arizona isn't the most obvious thing you'd expect.Such practices ,you would think, could easily attract a drunken crucifix waving mob determined to stamp out this faggot/nigger music spawned by Satan himself.
I once drove through Arizona, and stopped to ask a Dungaree and baseball cap wearing  Redneck, who was creosoting a fence(Stereotypes are largely deserved?), which was the way  to Flagstaff. He just turned slowly in my direction and looked at me as if I had just landed from Outer-space, jaw dropped in incomprehension.Not many Flares and Hawaiian Shirt clad Skinheads with English East Midlands accents happen this way often I guess. I repeated the question to be met with silence again. I thanked him, and got back in the car and wheel spun out of there.
This was the same trip, where I entered a redneck hostelry, attracting a disapproving salvo of stares from the locals at the bar.Decided to pay pool and selected something on the jukebox that they could probably like.....AC/DC right?....but instead of 'Hells Bells' the machine decided to play "I'll Tumble For Ya" by fucking Culture Club. I felt in imminent danger of a severe Hill-Billy arse-raping as portrayed in that John Boorman film "Deliverance".So I supped up my Coors Light and my partner and I slipped out the side entrance before Bronski Beat's version of Dueling Banjos came on.
The people who make art in these circumstances are the real heroes of Punk Rock in my opinion.And Tone Set(Galen Herod and Greg Horn) are fine examples of not only that, but of prime minimal wave electronica.
Their early sound was ostensibly synthetic, mixing very 'clean' analogue synthesizer sounds with taped dialogue. This was the sound of their debut release, the 1982 cassette called "Cal's Ranch". It almost completely lacked vocals, which is generally a good thing is it not?


A1 Introduction 0:08
A2 Out Out 3:56
A3 He's Got A Little Dog 5:42
A4 Predictions 5:25
A5 Such Heavy Conviction 3:20
A6 The Devil Makes The Loudest Noise 6:38
A7 Waiting For Oatmeal 3:20
B1 Indeed 3:28
B2 Relax 4:00
B3 What Good's A Hit Song? 3:24
B4 Time Travellers 2:36
B5 The Tone Set 3:38
B6 Appeal To Them 3:16
B7 Wigglin Around In Middletown 6:56
B8 Close 0:20

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Galen Herod ‎– "Patterns for the outside surface of a cube" ( pegna 5) 1981

Galen Herod's pre-Tone Set escapades date back to the days when infinite synchronization wasn't available to destroy the human in the machine.The rhythm units didn't try to sound like drums or even like other drum units.No Overdubbing, a very 'Punk' concept rarely used by 'Punk' musicians, is a under-utilised method for keeping it real, as is No Keyboards; read as, used no conventional instruments.
Above all, it sounds great; primitive electronics laid down on slightly muddy analogue tape that you can't really dance to, unless as a soundtrack to a contemporary ballet.
It's the kind of electronica that presaged the work of Panasonic in the 1990's.

DOWNLOAD from inside the outside surface of a cube HERE!